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Full Bar Menu

  • Purple Rose Martini

    Bombay Gin martini with pea flower st germain and hibiscus flower

  • Garam fashioned

    Our twist on a classic old fashion with Elijah Craig

  • Poisoned pani puri

    I grey goose vodka

  • El Chacko

    A spiced Paloma with illegal mezcal & a Lemon & tajin Rim

  • Classic Espresso martini

    House infused vanilla grey goose / cold brew coffee / copa de ora

  • Peachy Tea

    Aunties evening green tea agave & grey goose essences peach & rosemary (goose essence tap)

  • Kama in the city

    Litchi martini with a splash of cranberry (grey goose on tap)

  • Mumbai mule

    Casadores tequila with mango & ginger beer

Full Bar

Redefining third culture cuisine through recipes and beverages, ABCD takes traditional drinks and makes them fun while maintaining the essence.

Whether it is authentic peachy tea or the infamous cosmopolitan, from cocktails to fresh mixes based on fruits or tangy, tropical flavors, ABCD bartenders are excited to pour you one!

Try the signature cocktails with the ABCD twist and watch the hours fly away as you lounge with your squad or spend the happy hour enjoying the live music. ABCD founders have not only managed to bring forward a revolutionary blend of fusion recipes but also prepared a once-of-a-kind gastro bar with the most experienced mixologists around the globe.

ABCD’s wine list is deserving of a thorough read, for you will surely be spoilt for choice. So, choose your drink for the evening and let us wow you with our rendition!