271-02 Union Tpke,
Queens, NY 11040

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About Us

ABCD Indian Bistro & Bar was born out of the love of a foodie who experienced his cultural recipes in a foreign land. This is what fuelled ABCD Indian Bistro & Bar’s founder Tony.

He brought the concept of the Third Culture Cuisine to the Big Apple. Tony felt the comparison between the cultures his parents were born into and the one he was being raised in. This is why he loved and savored a combination of Indian and American cuisines at the dinner table.

This spin of dishes was a source of inspiration for Tony to create and serve something non-traditional on the international platter. His team of passionate chefs has travelled the world for the past 20 years serving delectable cuisine with a blend of Indian and American flavours.

Natural Concept

ABCD Indian Bistro & Bar is an exclusive spot in New York to come and enjoy a never-been-heard-or-tried before concoction of Indian-American fusion meals. Some of our teasers are the American classic Taco with Amritsari Fish or a dangerous cocktail called “poisonous pani puri.”

The aim behind all these unusual mixes and quirky names is to bring something eclectic and fresh to the foodies visiting New York for a tasty twist. So, visit ABCD Indian Bistro & Bar and experience a never-before menu prepared and perfected by our highly experienced chefs who’ve explored and worked all over the globe.